How to Build Quality Links – Not Quantity

How to Build Quality Links – Not Quantity

Want to build quality links? Then prepare to invest many hours of hard work. Here's how to – and why you should – target high-quality links.

How to Find and Simulate Links in Bulk, with FIVE secret methods

Learn how to find great links with five link prospecting methods you probably never heard of before.

Understand and see how to simulate links and their risk before acquiring them, without any risk to your rankings, in bulk.

You don’t want to be the SEO to just use the gut feeling, “strong recommendations”
or oversimplified SEO metrics in link building.

After this session you may question what you’ve been doing in link building the past years.

You will learn

– FIVE link prospecting methods you NEVER heard of before
– Where and how to find great link prospects, easily and without error
– The difference between laser targeted and bulk link building
– How to actually simulate links (live examples) before acquiring them

Quality, Not Quantity – Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan

This khutbah was recorded on October 20, 2017 at the Bayyinah Foundation Musalla.

One of the most profound and powerful statements in the Quran occurs in Surah An-Najm. Here Allah says that no one will carry anyone else’s burden (wizr) and that each of us will be held accountable for the choices we make. In this passage, Allah is addressing those who find it difficult to follow the “uncomfortable” parts of the faith. He compares them to people who appease themselves with inner monologues about how good they are because they give a little charity. They minimize their mistakes and maximize their good deeds, thinking they are enough to compensate for bad deeds. But only Allah can judge as He will ultimately measure our effort. It is the quality of the effort we make relative to our potential, that we will be held accountable for, not how we performed in comparison with other people.


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1️⃣ �� Script Purpose:
– The Python script is designed to process and filter email and password combinations, commonly known as “combolists”.

2️⃣ �� Intended Use:
– The tool helps clean up and filter combolists for further usage, such as account checking or penetration testing.

3️⃣ �� Combolist Format:
– Combolists typically contain email and password pairs separated by a colon (example: [email protected]:password123).

4️⃣ �� Validation Format:
– The script validates email addresses and passwords that contain at least one uppercase letter, one digit, and one special character.

5️⃣ �� Define Input and Output Directories:
– Read combolist files from the input directory.
– Write the filtered output to the output directory.

6️⃣ �� Check Directories:
– Ensure the input directory exists.
– Create the output directory if it doesn’t exist.

7️⃣ �� Initialize Counters:
– Set counters for valid lines, invalid lines, and total lines in the input files.

8️⃣ �� Iterate Through Input Files:
– Process each file containing email and password combinations.
– Validate the format of the combinations based on the specified criteria.

9️⃣ ✅ Write Valid Lines:
– Write valid lines to the output file.

�� ❌ Discard Invalid Lines:
– Increment the invalid_lines counter for each discarded line.

1️⃣1️⃣ �� Display Progress:
– Show a progress bar during processing to indicate the number of lines processed.

1️⃣2️⃣ �� Summary Message:
– Print a summary message with the total number of valid and invalid lines processed.

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SEO Link Building: Quality Over Quantity

Postali’s CEO, Jim Christy outlines the basics of link building strategy when it comes to ‘follow vs. no-follow’ links. You’ll hear him describe the “holy grail” of SEO links, learn what makes a link good or not so good, and how reputable, contextually relevant links boost your site’s credibility.