Can Link Building Give You Or Your Client A Bad Reputation?

Can Link Building Give You Or Your Client A Bad Reputation?

One of the biggest authority signals to search engines is your incoming links. But careless link building can damage your reputation. Here’s what you need to know.

The Ultimate White Hat Link Building Technique NOBODY Tells You

In the last few years, I’ve discovered something that has proven to be the best formula in the world for sales, networking, advanced link building, affiliate marketing and relationships: the Dream 100.

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My favorite Dream 100 shortcut:

In this video, I’ll explain:

00:00 Introduction
01:30 SEO Ranking Factors (2019)
01:57 My personal SEO success Framework (The “I AM” Framework)
02:25 Do backlinks matter for SEO?
03:46 Advanced link building case study
04:45 Link building mistakes
08:52 Dream 100 Link Building
10:00 5 examples of how Dream 100 link building works
12:44 Exactly how to do advanced link building
13:38 How to make your Dream 100 list
16:48 Dream 100 outreach
19:33 In-depth Dream 100 Walkthrough (example case study)
22:32 SEO Challenge

My favorite Dream 100 shortcut:

So what is the Dream 100? It’s finding ways to work with your top one hundred dream partners. It can work for podcasting, affilaite marketing, joint ventures, and link building. In fact, I think it’s one of the best advanced white hat link building strategies out there.

I always think about it as, “If you could get 100 links that would dramatically change your business, what would they be?”

There are 100 websites out there right now that your dream customers and clients are already reading. You just need to figure out how to get those people to come from that website, to yours. From an SEO perspective, that means getting links from them to increase your rank in search.

What I love most about the Dream 100 is that no matter whether you’re a veteran or a beginner, it WORKS. I’m forever an underdog and I’m always rooting for the underdog and that’s why I love this tactic. It’s predicated on hard work and hard work always wins.

+ Additionally, in this episode, we talk about how to use Dream 100 strategies similar to how Russell Brunson, Chet Holmes and Noah Kagan recommend them

+ How to find out who is dominating search in your industry and using that information to build your Dream 100

+ How to do SEO the right way with the Dream 100

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Do This BEFORE Link Building

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7 EASIEST Link Building Strategies to TRY NOW

In today’s video, I’m going to show you the top 7 easiest link-building strategies to try right now. In fact, these are the same techniques that I use to get thousands of backlinks every year for my agency’s clients and my own affiliate websites.

What I’ll cover:
0:00 – Introduction
2:50 – #1 Use your competitors’ backlinks
3:30 – #2 Create Linkable Assets
4:39 – #3 Exchange backlinks
5:24 – #4 Video Link Building
6:38 – #5 Podcast outreach
7:00 – #6 Guest Posting
8:20 – #7 Find Unlinked Brand Mentions
8:43 – Need help?


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7 EASIEST Link Building Strategies to TRY NOW
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Should You Buy Backlinks in 2023?

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Should you ever buy backlinks?
If only this question had a straightforward answer…

In today’s video, we try to decipher the information Google has given us about buying backlinks to find out what the rules actually are.

⏲ Timestamps
00:00 — Intro
01:47 — Google’s Policies
05:31 — Will paid link building always exist?
13:30 — Should You Buy Backlinks?

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